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 1. HOW DO I GET TO SEE/RECEIVE MY PINS AFTER PAYMENT Our pins are displayed INSTANTLY after purchase.   A transaction code is allocated immediately after payment and your view your pin by pasting on the 'Track transaction' portal.  In addition, your Pin and serial number are sent to your email right away which can be printed or forwarded to another email.  Buy a Scratch card/token NOW!   2. WHY SHOULD YOU BUY FROM US?  We are the leading site to purchase scratch cards online. We have a Fast. Easy and Secure platform for your cards and provide instant display of scratch card pins. We also have the Best customer support online.  Be sure to reach out to our Email: for complains or inquiries. Buy a Scratch card/token NOW!   3. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I HAVEN'T RECEIVED MY ORDER/PIN  Although this is an extremely rare occurrence – our help desk is readily available. Please get in touch with us through our contact provided on the site and we will invest